Case Study: Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (September 2018)

Concierge Director: Amber Redmore
Patient’s age: 70-years-old
Admission Date: 04/05/2018
Admitted from: Vanderbilt University Hospital
Discharge Date: 06/14/2018
Discharged To: Home with Home health Services
Length of Stay: Two Months
Reason for stay: Occupational Therapy
How did patient hear about Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Patient was in a motor cycle accident and was rushed to the hospital where he stayed for seven months. He was finally getting strong enough to have rehabilitation, where the hospital set him up with Quality Center.

Mr. Edward Simiele arrived at Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on April 5th, 2018, from Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, TN. Mr. Simiele was in a motorcycle accident, which resulted in him suffering from several fractures and broken bones. Doctors believed he would need long-term care. He lost all ability to walk, lift, stand, and move. He fractured his neck causing him to be in a neck brace. After spending seven months in Vanderbilt regaining strength and weight and receiving wound care, he was then referred to Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing where he would begin his journey. Physical therapists were consulted in hopes to get him walking and stronger in his neck and hands.

Upon admission into Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, Mr. Simiele was greeted by our team of professionals who anticipated his arrival. Within 24 hours, he was greeted by clinicians, therapist, physicians, administrative staff, and the rest of our amazing team! Everyone was ready to answer any questions he or his family may have had. Mr. Simiele needed intensive physical therapy and he knew he had a long road ahead of him. However, he was still in good spirits and was ready to get started right away. His team of physical therapists were ready as well and began his therapy along bedside to do his evaluation.

Mr. Simiele began his journey at Quality Center and was an amazing man who was ready to conquer physical therapy, which was very painful at first, but he kept pushing himself. His care plan was set up to receive physical therapy to regain use of his body and legs. After he achieved that goal, he would then be sent home with the care of home health services. Mr. Simiele met a lot of people while he was here at our community and built many relationships with our staff here at Quality Center. When he was admitted, everyone knew it was going to be a long process for him, but he made it easy by staying strong and wanting to overcome any obstacles he knew he would have.

In the second month of Mr. Simiele’s stay at Quality he began to get stronger and had progressed tremendously in physical therapy. Doctors were skeptical that Mr. Simiele would get to return home due to such severe injuries; however, with his great spirits and our physical therapy team, we knew what we were capable of achieving!

Mr. Simiele began walking with the help of a therapist by his side and a walker. He was slowly but surely getting stronger and the path to go home was looking more and more bright. Mr. Simiele was very pleased with his physical therapists, Billy and John! He said, “This is the best place to be if you want to get better and make it home! The people here are amazing and truly care about you and want you to go home just as bad as you want to go home!”

As his last couple of weeks approached, the physical therapists and team of medical professionals were confident that Mr. Simiele would be discharged. Everyone went to see him on his last day and Mr. Simiele still comes to visit everyone here at Quality! He definitely made a huge turnaround and we are all so proud of him. We are proud that we were able to get Mr. Simiele back home with his family!