Case Study: Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q3 2022)

Concierge Director: Kay Weir
Patient’s Name: Annie Chumnly
Patient Age: 75yrs
Admission date: 03/07/2022
Admitted from: Summit Medical Hospital
Discharge Date: Current
Discharged to: resident plans to reunite home with her husband, John
Length of Stay: 208 days still a resident in our community
Reason for stay: 24/7 Skilled Nursing physical, speech, and occupational therapy, wound care
How did the patient hear about Quality Center? Vanderbilt Wilson County Medical Center referred the resident

Details of experience:

Mrs. Annie arrived at Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on March 3rd, 2022, after a previous stay at Vanderbilt Wilson County Medical Center, Lebanon, Tennessee. She was admitted there due to altered mental status and non-responsiveness at home. Annie was diagnosed with stage 4 pressure ulcer to the sacrum, deep tissue injury to the right hip, and stage 3 wound to the right inner thigh. Annie was admitted to needing 24/7 skilled nursing care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and wound treatment.

Upon Mrs. Chumnly’s arrival, she was greeted by several members of our professional team. Within his first 24 hours, Annie met with clinicians, therapists, our physician, administrative staff, and other members of our team, who welcomed her and answered all questions. Annie was also greeted by the Director of Concierge, Kay Weir, who presented her with a CareRite welcome bag and her warm attentiveness, which she provides to all Quality staff, residents and families.

Mrs. Chumnly presented with decreased functional mobility, transfer balance, and a non-ability for ambulation. On her physical therapy evaluation, she required maximum assistance for bed mobility, total dependence on ambulation and transfers, and an inability to perform stairs. Her occupational evaluation was total dependence on toileting, moderate assistance for upper body dress/bath, and total dependence for lower body dress and bath. Annie was resistant to treatment and didn’t want to participate. Her family determined she would require long-term care. A few months passed, and Mrs. Annie was again scheduled for therapy services – physical and occupational. Ms. Chumnly has been a willing participant since 8/3/22 and has made tremendous progress. With physical therapy, she has improved transfers from moderate assist to set up, ambulation increased from 10 ft to now walking 150ft. She originally could not ascend/descend steps, and now she can manage four steps. Car transfers are being completed with a stand-by assist when originally she was unable to perform. With occupational therapy, she has improved toileting tasks from being dependent to now completing them with a stand-by assist. Mrs. Chumnly has been a pleasure to work with and has been so motivated to return home with her husband, who is here every day, taking her out for walks around the community and to activities.

Mrs. Annie is still in the community until it’s time for her to discharge. She is very happy with her progress she shared that when she first came to us, she had no hope and had given up on everything, but her husband, John, wouldn’t let her give up. His love for her motivated her to push. She is very thankful to the therapy department for all they’ve done for her and to all the nurses and techs for their kindness and attentiveness to her needs.

She would highly recommend anyone to our community.