Case Study: Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (Q2 2023 B)

Concierge Director: Kay Weir

Patients Name: Clifford Wooten

Patient Age: 60 years

Admission date: 05/04/2023

Admitted from: Summit Medical Hospital

Discharge Date: 06/02/2023

Discharged to: Home

Length of Stay:  29 days

Reason for stay: Physical, speech, and occupational therapy

How did the patient hear about Quality Center? Referred by Dr. Kea Jones MD, TriStar Summit MC


Details of experience:

Mr. Clifford Wooten arrived at Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on May 5, 2023, after a previous five-day stay at TriStar Medical Center in Hermitage, Tennessee. He was treated by Dr. Kea Jones, MD, and Therapist. Summit’s clinical team felt Mr. Wooten would benefit from receiving more intense and targeted therapy and so referred the patient to our community.

Upon Mr. Wooten’s arrival, he was greeted by several members of our professional team. Within his first 24 hours, he met with our clinicians, therapists, physician, administrative staff, and other members of our team, who welcomed him to our community and answered all questions. He was also greeted by the Director of Concierge, Kay Weir, who presented him with a CareRite welcome bag. While explaining her role as the liaison, Mr. Wooten shared what had happened to him on the morning of his incident…the day of his stroke. The patient stated he didn’t know what was happening with his body, so he called 911 for help.

Mr. Wooten was later visited by our wonderful therapy team, who were very excited to work with him to help him regain his balance, strengthen his left side, and work on a deficit in his speech. During his physical evaluation, Mr. Wooten required supervised assistance with transfers and self-care with toileting and moving around tight corners due to his vision in his left eye being affected by the stroke. He could do most of his adult daily living tasks with minimal assistance fastening his clothes. Mr. Wooten is independent of ambulation but couldn’t walk 50 meters without help.

Mr. Wooten, alongside our therapy team, set goals to improve his functional status and maintain his current functional status while minimizing any possible declines. Clifford excelled in therapy displaying great work efforts to return home. He could ambulate 150 ft with a rollator walker but could not negotiate obstacles. After hard work and dedication to therapy, Mr. Wooten was discharged home with the ability to walk unlimited distances without an assistive device. He can transfer from bed to chair and perform a car transfer independently. Mr. Wooten can now walk around and over obstacles and ascend and descend four steps without losing balance or using a device.

Mr. Wooten made outstanding strides with therapy, and he is very satisfied with all of the staff who helped him get to this point in his life where he is rehabilitated. He was discharged home on June 2nd and states he will highly recommend our community to family and friends.