Case Study: Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (November 2019)

Resident’s Age: 63-years-old
Admission Date: 10/28/19
Admitted From: Vanderbilt Wilson
Discharge Date: 11/07/2019
Length of Stay: 10 days
Reason for Stay: Muscle weakness and 24/7 skilled nursing care
How did patient hear about Quality Rehabilitation Center: Vanderbilt Wilson Medical Center Management Department

Details of Experience:
On the evening of October 19, 2019, Mrs. Denise Wohrley was sitting in her bedroom changing out her summer clothing for her winter wear. She began to feel a little lightheaded. She decided to lay down on her bed for about 20 minutes before putting her clothing where she wanted them. Afterward, she proceeded to go to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Mrs. Wohrley shared that the closer she got to the bathroom, the weaker her legs became. Before she knew it, she clasped and fell to the floor. Thankfully, her sister was there and heard the fall; she came to Mrs. Wohrley’s aid. After several attempts with the help of her sister, she made it to the sofa where she remained until the paramedics arrived.

After ensuring Mrs. Worley was stable, the paramedics assisted her to Vanderbilt Wilson Medical Center, where her family met her in the ER. After X-rays and additional testing was performed, it was revealed that she had broken her right ankle. Due to her low bone density, Dr. Obremskey decided against any surgery. Dr. Obremskey spoke with her about future plans for her healing, recommending that skilled nursing and therapy would be in her best interest. Mrs. Worley was later transferred to Quality Center for Rehabilitation Healing on October 28th for 24/7 skilled nursing care, wound care, and therapy for an anticipated 11 days.

Mrs. Worley arrived with the mindset of working very hard and staying motivated with therapy so that she could get better. Upon her arrival, our concierge, Kay, welcomed her with a welcome gift and completed an initial evaluation so that the team at Quality could get to know her on a personal level. Kay shared that she would be visiting her every 24 hours to chat with her about anything she might need.

Our Director of Rehabilitation Services referred Mrs. Worley to our skilled therapy team, as a result of a decrease in strength, functional mobility, transfer ability, range of motion, and decreased ability to complete activities of daily living independently. In physical therapy, she made great progress, increasing from max assist to set up, lower body dressing from the max assist, toileting from max assist to set up, transfers from min assist to supervision and transfers from min assist to supervision by the end of therapy, which ultimately supported her ability to return home!

Mrs. Denise Wohrley was discharged on November 7th from Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing with home health care. She gave our community a 5-star rating, as she was very pleased with her stay and care!