Case Study: Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (December 2019)

Resident’s Age: 69-years-old
Admission Date: 10/31/19
Admitted From: St. Thomas West
Discharge Date: 12/17/2019
Length of Stay: 46 days
Reason for Stay: 24 hour skilled nursing care
How did patient hear about Quality Rehabilitation Center: St. Thomas

Details of Experience:
On Oct. 18, 2019, Mrs. Zella Easton had an MRI performed on her neck, due to severe pain. Additionally, she suffered from difficulty breathing and tingling in her hands and feet. Dr. Snowdan discovered from the MRI that Zella had a bony tumor pressing on her spinal cord. The tumor needed immediate attention, which would require surgery.

Zella Easton was referred to Neurosurgeon, Ernest J. Wright, MD, who scheduled her for surgery on Oct. 24th. Her surgery was performed at St. Thomas Medical West. She remained in the ICU for three days. On October 26th, she was moved to a medical/surgical room, where she began PT. Zella Easton was at St. Thomas West for seven days. She was discharged on Oct. 31st and then admitted to Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.

Upon arriving at the community, she was greeted by the Concierge, who interviewed the patient and completed the Concierge Evaluation. During her stay, the patient received a Quality welcome bag and the Concierge visited with her weekly.

On Nov. 1st, the patient had a Physical and Occupational Therapy evaluation and began her therapy shortly thereafter. The patient shared that her therapy was very intense due to weakness, and previous surgeries. She was adamant about getting better and going home. She worked very hard and completed everything that was required within her treatment plan. She never gave up hope, continuing to push forward.

Zella Easton shared that Dr. Wright was very impressed with the outcome of her therapy. The physician also commented that upon completing her therapy, Ms. Easton was at a higher level of function. Zella loved having a collaborative, therapy experience. Zella Easton will continue to have outpatient physical therapy. She stated that before surgery she lived alone, and because of therapy, she was able to do so again.