Exceptional Pulmonary Rehabilitation at Quality Center!

The Quality Center team is pleased to share that their in-house pulmonary independence center (PIC) unit is continuing to change the lives of those in the Lebanon and surrounding communities. Quality has now taken pulmonary rehabilitation and skilled care to unmatched heights!

Thaddeus “T” Gross (pictured below) has been deemed as the very first pulmonary rehabilitation graduate at Quality Center! As a patient who has been diagnosed with COPD and additional ancillary respiratory ailments, T has made tremendous progress and is ready to return home!

T shared “I am so thankful for y’all.  I remember the first day I got here, I didn’t want to open my door because I knew y’all were going to make me work hard.  I didn’t want to be here, I couldn’t walk or breathe.  Y’all just wouldn’t take no for an answer when it was my time to work out or do my breathing treatments and exercises.  I couldn’t sleep in the bed and you got me a chair that let me get sleep and that was great.  Therapy said I’m walking 275 feet now when I couldn’t walk hardly at all before.  I appreciate all y’all did and how you didn’t let up on me and now I see why it is so important to work hard!”