Case Study: Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (November 2016)

Patients Age: 68
Admission Date: 5/14/2015
Admitted From: University Medical Center
Discharge Date: Going Long Term on 12/06/2016
Discharged To: N/A
Length of Stay: 1 Year and 7 Months
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation and therapy
How did this patient hear about Quality Center for Rehabilitation & Healing? University Medical Center

Details of Experience:

Carol Meadows, 68, came to Quality Center for therapy services and continuation of IV antibiotics in May of 2015. She had been discharged from University Medical Center after having a left hip artificial joint replacement. After returning home from Quality Center she obtained an infection in the left hip prosthesis. The conduit later had to be removed to rid the infection, and she was then readmitted to Quality Center for 24 hour nursing care. Recently as November 2016, she had a total left hip replacement. The surgery was a success and she has since made fundamental improvements.

She has been working closely with physical and occupational therapy to enhance her ability to walk and perform other daily functions. When asked about Mrs. Meadows, Billie from O.T. stated, “Carol Meadows has made significant progress since she has been at Quality Center. When she first arrived to Quality she was on a lift, and now she can do a stand and pivot.” Although she is she on weight bearing precautions, she continues to maintain progress with physical therapy and occupational therapy.