Case Study: Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing (February 2019)

Resident’s Age: 61-years-old
Admission Date: 11/21/18
Discharge Date: 1/19/19
Length of Stay: 60 days
Reason for Stay: Resident was referred to Quality Center following a hip surgery to start physical therapy.

Mrs. Martin arrived at our home, Quality Center, from the hospital on November 21st, 2018 after suffering from a fall. After being transported to the hospital, she would find out she would have to undergo hip replacement surgery.

When the time came to be discharged from the hospital, they explained to Mrs. Martin she would need physical therapy. Social services within the hospital went over Mrs. Martin’s options and she chose Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing!

When Mrs. Martin arrived, we were all ready to greet her to ensure she had a smooth transition into Quality. Mrs. Martin was in great spirits and was very pleased with the transition and the staff here at Quality. She was very nervous and a bit scared at first to start her journey but eager at the same time! This is to be expected!

When Mrs. Martin arrived, we then learned she was also an above-the-knee amputee. We then knew her journey would be even tougher; however, Mrs. Martin kept her good spirits up and was ready to conquer physical therapy under our supervision!

During Mrs. Martin’s stay, we immediately gave here information regarding our Amputee Walking School program and she was so thrilled to hear we offered the service even after discharge, encouraging her even more!

Mrs. Martin loves working on her farm and enjoying the outdoors, she explained and that is why she must get better and return to good health! Mrs. Martin was evaluated by physical therapy and was told she would have some obstacles to overcome, but was made aware that with hard work and determination, she could be back to where she wants to be!

Mrs. Martin began her therapy right away; she would receive therapy four days a week. At the time of admission, Mrs. Martin was unable to transfer independently and was not able to do her daily living activities. She began working on her range of motion first, then transferred to more physical therapy such as moving objects with her legs and raising her leg up and down. She was also doing band stretches. After a few weeks into therapy, Mrs. Martin began transferring with assistance, which was a huge success for her!

Mrs. Martin really enjoyed her stay here at Quality. She made an impact on all of the staff here at our community. She always got along with everyone and made the best of any situation. No matter what challenges came her way she always took the negative and turned it into a positive!

Mrs. Martin was only with us for a short twelve days; however, she made sure every day she tried harder and harder to give it her all and she was able to transfer in her walker without any assistance when it came time for her to be discharged. Mrs. Martin was faced with a lot of difficulties, but her hard work and great spirits led to her recovering and being discharged from her physical therapy treatment!