Upcoming Events

Quality Celebrates The Fall Season!

Check out our November recreation calendar for exciting programs taking place throughout our community


Thanksgiving Meals
We will be celebrating a special time with family and giving thanks on November 11th, 12th and 14th. Our residents and their families will gather for a traditional home-cooked Thanksgiving meal on these nights. (11th AB/CD Halls, 12th SI/SII Halls, 14th ICF/Skilled Halls) Join us for the camaraderie and delicious selections that are Thanksgiving.

Destination Vacation… Plymouth Rock
On November 22nd Destination Vacation will venture back in time to Plymouth Rock and we will feast like the pilgrims. Join us as we explore that time which brings us so much tradition and good feeling.

Glamour Shots
‘Tis the Season for some great Glamour Shots. Join us on November 28th, as our residents enjoy a day of pampering including their hair, nails, and makeup. They will then have beautiful portraits done for the holiday season. Liz Taylor, Betty Grable, and Frank Sinatra aren’t nearly as stunning as our residents will be.